Уважаемые студенты!


В связи с переходом Актауского технологического колледжа сервиса на дистанционные образовательные технологии в случае возникновения вопросов касающихся деятельности колледжа, по образовательному порталу и электронным образовательным ресурсам просим обращаться в call-центр на следующие номера сотовых телефонов руководителей:



Номера сотовых телефонов

Каирбаев Утеген Тлегенович

Руководитель колледжа


Каримова Алмагуль Каримовна

Заместитель руководителя по учебной работе


Сатова Мөлдір

Секретарь учебной части. По вопросу получения справок


Абошева Карылгаш Хамитовна

Заместитель руководителя по учебно-производственной практике


Нурханова Мира Мергеновна

Заместитель руководителя по воспитательной работе


Матаев Тельман Қамидуллаевич

Заместитель руководителя по учебно-методической работе


Кабдуллина Айнат Бакытжановна

Заместитель руководителя по информационным технологиям


Уважаемые студенты!

С 16 марта 2020 года занятия будут проходить на электронном портале EDUS, согласно ранее утвержденному расписанию. Если обучающие не смогли войти через EDUS портал, то могут через ватсап группы, созданные кураторами и zoom для проведение форума с преподавателями. Занятия будут проходить в режиме онлайн - http://mcdev.kollezh.kz, в режиме оффлайн - электронная почта, ватсап

Обучающимся необходимо посещать занятия согласно утвержденному расписанию.

Посещение всех видов занятий будут регулироваться в соответствии с академической политикой колледжа.


We wish good luck to Rzaeva Raisa Zhetkizgenovna, a participant of the Aktau Technological Service College in the Mangistau regional distance song contest to the “ GREAT VICTORY" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Trade Union of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

Ballad about mother

In connection with the emergency situation in the country, Aktau College of Technological Services organized a challenge "Strong family - Strong state" in order to carry out educational work in the system of distance learning at home.

  1. Open lesson “My family”
  2. My family is my foundation

In the context of strengthening measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, on March 16 the Aktau Technological College of Service transferred its educational activities to a remote format. College teachers record video tutorials and post them on the electronic edus portal.

  1. Lesson 1 on "Telephone Sewerage"
  2. Mukagali  Makataev
  3. Сlients and terminal servers
  4. Types of sleeves. Technological processing of the sleeve

Masters of industrial training of the college conduct practical classes in a remote format. Classes from home in the format of video lessons, video conferences are available thanks to various remote video communication programs.

  1. Preparation of minced meat and cutlets, and semi-finished products.
  2. Mixing of sand dough
  3. Lesson 2 on communication Laying underground cables
  4. Finishing the bottom of the product

Melsova Botagoz Kuanyshbaevna, a physician at the Akerke Clinic, showed a video on the prevention of coronavirus to students of Aktau College of Technological Services. College nurse Azhar Musaeva said that ventilation and hygiene were provided on a daily basis, and anti-coronavirus posters were hung on the walls of the college.

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“Aktau Technological College of Service” on February  17-21, 2020, the intra-college phase of the WorldSkills Aktau 2020 began regional championship in 8 competencies: “Confectionery”, “Cooking”, “Information Cable Networks”, “Fashion Technology”, “Graphic Design” , “Web Design”, “Beading Deaf skills”, Junior Skills under the competency “National dish”. The main purpose  of the championship is to select the WorldSkills Aktau 2020 for the regional stage ”, as well as to increase the demand for vocational education focused on the real needs of employers. In addition, participation in such competitions allows students to evaluate their level of training and the chances of finding a job after completing their studies. The intercollegiate phase of the WorldSkills Aktau 2020 regional championship was attended by over 50 students at the age of 18-22 years old of  the 2nd ,3rd, 4th courses  and over 10 students  at the age of  15-17 year -old  of the 1st,2nd curses  at Junior Skills.

программы IMG 20200217 WA0003 IMG 20200217 WA0008 IMG 20200217 WA0009 IMG 20200217 WA0025 IMG 20200217 WA0004 IMG 20200217 WA0006 

The Aktau Technological Service of the regional pedagogical educational event for teachers of general educational disciplines (history, Kazakh, Russian, English) in the 
"Humanitarian direction" among organizations of technical and vocational education
on February 14, 2020 by the methodical office of technical and vocational education.
College History Teacher Tazhigalieva R.T.
The priority direction of teacher training: “Humane direction”. Tazhigalieva R.T. was awarded for the innovative project
“Implementation of the 4k model of technical and vocational education: creating creativity, critical thinking, communication and team skills” and took 3rd place.
Congratulations to our colleague on the prize!

IMG 20200217 WA0017 IMG 20200217 WA0018 IMG 20200217 WA0019

There was a competition among the 1st year students of Aktau Technological College of Service dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayulu on the topic of “Abay is a wise in Kazakh”. The competition was held in order to instill in the students intelligence, power of words and expressions, respect for our grandchildren, an assessment of the wisdom and a sense of reverence.

Five teams took part in competition. The  competition consisted 3 parts:

Part 1. “The song is the King of word”(Abay Kunanbay’s words and names)

Part 2. “Mood my heart” (performing Abay’s songs, kyuis)

Part 3. “When the fast is the fastest”  (scene from the life Abay, the press, etc.)

The jury, consisting of college teachers, evaluated of students evaluated the performance of the team, identified the participants who took 1,2,3 places and awarded diplomas of the 1st ,2nd and 3rd degrees. Students of special group AS 19/02 sang Abay’s beautiful song “Kozimnin karasy”.

IMG 20200214 WA0006 IMG 20200214 WA0010 IMG 20200214 WA0015 IMG 20200214 WA0019

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