Guided by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR of 12.09.1983. No. 370 "On the Procedure for the Creation, Reorganization and Liquidation of Enterprises, Associations, Organizations and Institutions of the Kazakh SSR" by order of the State Committee of the Kazakh SSR on vocational education No. 117 of 14.04.1986. Secondary vocational technical school No.6 of Shevchenko was organized to train skilled workers for the plant of plastic masses of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR and the Worker Supply Department of PGMK.

The first set was made in the following specialties:

fitter of instrumentation and automation
fitter for repair and maintenance of process units
chemical operator
the seller of food products.
A total of 338 students were accepted, of them 227 based on 8 classes, 111 students on the basis of 10 classes.

The State Institution "Secondary Vocational School No. 6" was reorganized into the Professional Technical Lyceum No. 6 (PTL No. 6) by Order No. 91-A-OD of August 30, 1996 by the Mangistau Oblast Board of Education on the basis of the decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 277 dated 26.08.1996.

In order to further improve and ensure the continuity of vocational education, the training of highly qualified workers and mid-level specialists by the order of the regional education department No. 89 of 07.08.1996, the colleges for the training of mid-level specialists in the following specialties were opened:

technology of cooking and catering
organization of trade and commodity science of consumer goods
accounting control and analysis of economic activities.
The State Institution "Professional - Technical Lyceum No. 6" of the Mangistau Oblast Directorate of Education was renamed to the state institution "Professional Lyceum No. 1" of the Mangistau Oblast Board of Education on 10 August 2004 on the basis of the Decree of the Akimat of Mangistau oblast No. 171 dated August 10, 2004 and the order of the Mangistau regional Department of Education No. 66-LS of 02.12.2004.

Since 22.05.2008, the State Institution "Professional Lyceum No. 1" of the Education Department of Mangistau region has been renamed the State Public Utility Enterprise "Professional Lyceum No. 1" of the Education Department of Mangistau Region on the basis of the Resolution of the Akimat of Mangistau Region No. 373 of May 22, 2008.

The State Public Enterprise "Professional Lyceum No. 1" was renamed the State Public Utility Enterprise "Aktau Technological College of Service" of the Education Department of Mangistau Region on the basis of the Decision of Akimat of Mangistau oblast No. 191 of 03.08.2012.

The design capacity of the college is: land - 21256 sq.m. (2.97 hectares), the total area of ​​4440.4 square meters, useful - 2511.1 square meters (the total number of study places - 480 people).

The Aktau Technological College of Service focuses on the high quality of education, the introduction of information technologies in the teaching and upbringing process, as well as the formation of traditions handed down from generation to generation.

The successful development of the region's economy, including the Mangistau region, largely depends on the development of industry. Make the region attractive only due to the development of industrial production is impossible, it is also necessary to develop the sphere of service and service of the population. The training of our personnel is carried out by our educational institution.

List of specialties:

1226000 – Technology and organization of production of food enterprises

122603 3 - Technologist

0902000 - Power supply (by industry)

090204 3 - Electrical Technician

1307000 – Operation of linear structures, telecommunications and wired broadcasting

130702 2 – Electrician of linear structures, telecommunications and wire broadcasting

130706 3 – Electrician of linear communication structures and subscriber devices

1013000 - Machining, instrumentation and automation in industry "

101306 2 – Locksmith for instrumentation and automation

101307 3 – Техник-механик

1305000 – Information systems (by application)

130502 3 – Software Technician

1304000 – Computing and software (by type)

103401 2 – Computer Operator

130406 3 – ТComputer Device Repair Technician

1211000 – Sewing production and modeling of clothes

121106 2 – Tailor

121108 3 – Fashion Designer

0508000 – Catering services

050801 2 – Cook

050802 2 – Confectioner

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