Уважаемые студенты!


В связи с переходом Актауского технологического колледжа сервиса на дистанционные образовательные технологии в случае возникновения вопросов касающихся деятельности колледжа, по образовательному порталу и электронным образовательным ресурсам просим обращаться в call-центр на следующие номера сотовых телефонов руководителей:



Номера сотовых телефонов

Каирбаев Утеген Тлегенович

Руководитель колледжа


Каримова Алмагуль Каримовна

Заместитель руководителя по учебной работе


Сатова Мөлдір

Секретарь учебной части. По вопросу получения справок


Абошева Карылгаш Хамитовна

Заместитель руководителя по учебно-производственной практике


Нурханова Мира Мергеновна

Заместитель руководителя по воспитательной работе


Матаев Тельман Қамидуллаевич

Заместитель руководителя по учебно-методической работе


Кабдуллина Айнат Бакытжановна

Заместитель руководителя по информационным технологиям


Уважаемые студенты!

С 16 марта 2020 года занятия будут проходить на электронном портале EDUS, согласно ранее утвержденному расписанию. Если обучающие не смогли войти через EDUS портал, то могут через ватсап группы, созданные кураторами и zoom для проведение форума с преподавателями. Занятия будут проходить в режиме онлайн - http://mcdev.kollezh.kz, в режиме оффлайн - электронная почта, ватсап

Обучающимся необходимо посещать занятия согласно утвержденному расписанию.

Посещение всех видов занятий будут регулироваться в соответствии с академической политикой колледжа.



0508000 - Catering

050801 2 - Chef

050802 2 - Pastry chef

0902000 – The power Supply (by industry)

090203 3 - Electrical Technician

1013000 - Machining instrumentation and automation in industry

3 101307 - Mechanical Technician

2 101306 –  Mechanic on instrumentation and automation

1211000 - Clothing manufacture and modeling of clothes

121108 3 - Fashion designer

121106 2 - Tailor

1226000 - Technology and organization of production of the enterprises of the food

122603 3 - Technologist

1304000 - Computer hardware and software (by type)

130406 3 - The Technician on service of computer devices

2 130401 – Operator of electronic computers

1305000 - Information systems (by application)

130502 3 - Engineer

1307000 - Operation linear structures of telecommunications and wire broadcasting

130706 3 - Electrician of linear communication structures and subscribers devices

130702 2 – Electrician of linear structures and wire broadcasting

0503000 – Plumbing

050301 2 - The Mechanic – electrician on electric equipment repair

With us you will receive a diploma of the state sample on secondary education and interesting profession. In the labour market is now a shortage of it workers. In our College, everyone will find something to his liking. The College has a license for training specialists in the following specialties:

Organization of supply. Difficult and responsible profession, because the chef should know not only the theory of their work, but to be a good practitioner. Mostly College prepares cooks a very wide profile, giving them basic knowledge about various cuisines, to continue graduates after work practice was able to master any destination. Of all specialties is not only the tastiest but also the most creative. Upon receipt, the Commission will pay attention if you have artistic taste, imagination and fantasy, because the preparation and decoration of each product is a creative process. Students are given the opportunity to apply knowledge in cafes, restaurants, bars, cafeterias in the city. Many are already in practice.

Clothing manufacture and modeling clothes. Each of us wants to look beautiful, to be fashionable and elegantly dressed. Is and fashion, everybody wants to keep up with her. Who can help us to solve this problem? Quite simply, we will help the profession of seamstress. That the holders of this profession are called "the Lords of needles". All what we wear, we owe to the profession. In our time the profession of a seamstress is very popular. Work for such a person will are both at factory and not very large firms producing clothing and even in the Studio, where custom tailoring. A professional seamstress can sew not only the trousers and jackets but even the shoes, bags, and car covers. From seamstresses requires the ability to work from drawings, knowledge of varieties of fabrics, their properties, ways of processing. The seamstress must have manual dexterity, good eye, artistic taste, spatial imagination, focus in fashion, novelties of the season, to possess such qualities as attentiveness, accuracy, diligence, kindness.

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